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Kelsey Hirsch

Sodexo VP Business Development


How did you get started in FM?
In 1995, I returned to the US after living in Germany with my husband, who was in the military. Fresh with a bachelor’s degree in International Studies, and a few years of office / administrative experience, I responded to an ad for an administrative assistant for a real estate company. Within 18 months I was promoted to my first managerial position, managing the subcontractor services and entire operational budget for the state of Illinois, and at the end of 3 years was managing two states as an Area Manager/ Assistant VP.

Why did you choose to work for Sodexo?
By the time I was hired by Sodexo, I had a varied operational skillset, working for both a service provider and a corporation supporting corporate real estate portfolio. I had managed in-house maintenance crews and sub-contractors, built operational and capital budgets, sold small account services, managed tenant improvement construction projects, facilitated the outsourcing of FM services to a third party provider and participated in lease negotiations. Sodexo afforded me the opportunity to develop the FM business, using a self-perform model that focuses on the Quality of Life of those they serve and their own employees. It was a natural fit.

Sandy McCurdy

District Manager of Sodexo Healthcare Facility Solutions - Northeast


How does your work support Sodexo's mission of delivering Quality of Life?
The physical environment of a facility impacts the quality of life of both patients and staff. Providing a comfortable and aesthetically pleasing hospital is crucial to the patients healing and their experience. It also plays a critical role in staff retention and employee satisfaction.

What does your work mean to you?
The environment of care and physical building aspect of a hospital plays a large part in the patient experience. Our facilities management departments can truly affect the patient stay. No patient wants to be in the hospital so it is a necessity that we all do our part to ensure that their stay is as positive of an experience as possible.

What would you say about working at Sodexo? 
I love my job as a District Manager as I have been given the ability to share best practices that I have observed throughout the industry and put them in place in our facilities engineering departments. It has been great being able to break down the silos and create a cohesive, successful team.

Dave Ianicello

Ground Manager
Hobart & William Smith College


How did your career at Sodexo start?
My background in lawn care and landscaping started in the mid-eighties when I graduated from West Virginia University in Agronomy. I owned a business in Geneva and was a contractor for the colleges here.

I considered joining Sodexo because I already had the relationship with the colleges and knew the employees pretty well. My role at Sodexo would encompass everything that I was already doing on my own, such as lawn care, tree care and working with students. This was a great opportunity to do all that in one place and to continue to build gardens, take care of trees, lawn and athletic fields. It's like a big playground for me.

Could you tell us about a challenging project you worked on?
In 2014, our sports teams did extremely well, which means we're playing soccer and football well into November and December. The weather is very tricky in upstate New York for late November and December, as we can get ninety-degree days or we can get snow. In 2014, we had snow and it fell on the morning of a NCAA tournament game. We have two teams getting ready to play on a grass field, and two other teams to play on an artificial field. We have to clear the snow and get the fields ready for the game.

It was not an easy task to remove snow from grass without tearing up the field. We initially plowed the field with equipment, which didn't work well, so the whole team went around with shovels and blowers and stayed until the end of the game to make sure the field was snow-free. It was quite an experience!

What do you enjoy the most while working for Sodexo?
Since I started at Sodexo, we've been asked to do campus surveys. It's a huge plus for me to see other campuses and communicate with other Sodexo employees. In 2009, I helped with a campus survey on an interesting small campus with some minor operation issues. We noticed that the morale was a little low and there was a lot of miscommunication. We now have that campus as one of our accounts. Every three months or so, I'll visit that campus to assess how we're doing as a provider, as well as how they're doing with the transition. I've seen it from beginning to where we are now and that's an opportunity I don't think I would have in another place.

Edward Collins

Operations Manager
Hobart & William Smith College


What would you say about Sodexo as a place to work?
I knew I'd made the right decision in August of 2007 when I started working here. The manager at the time was fantastic and made me feel at home right away. As a result, after only being here for three or four months, I felt like I've been here for a long time.

The compassion that Sodexo has for employees as a company is amazing. We really care about the employees that work for us and we do what we can to work with every employee. I'd say it's an employee driven company!

What's the work culture like at Sodexo?
It honestly feels like home. You work with people side by side, and it's a fun atmosphere. These people stand by your side through thick and thin, especially when situations go bad. I remember one day, a sprinkler line froze in the middle of the night and burst. Our general manager was there at 2:30 in the morning with me for the repair. I think it showed such a great sign of leadership and teamwork.

Howard Simmons

District Manager
Hobart & Williams Smith Colleges


As a "Sodexo for Lifer", what would you say about Sodexo as a place to work?
At Sodexo there is great career growth. I started out as a project manager in 1989 and after I spent a few years in that service, I moved over into Maintenance to be Assistant Director of Facilities. Every couple of years, I was provided with opportunities for advancement. Twenty-five years later, I'm a District Manager in western New York with responsibilities at both Hobart and William Smith Colleges and other colleges within this district.

Sodexo is also a company that I'm proud to work for because they are family minded. Not only do I have opportunities to grow and advance my career, but also to have desired benefits and compensation. Being able to grow my career, to raise my family in a beautiful community, and to have the company take care my needs is a dream come true.

How did your work at Sodexo impact others' lives?
"Making every day a better day for our clients" is a common theme within Sodexo. We walk around and check out the campus as if we are prospective students and their families. Hobart and William Smith Colleges expect a high quality of everyday solutions from us, as they maintain the campus at a high level.

How was synergies created between Sodexo accounts?
In our district, we started a Best Practice Program, where we share what managers in each college have done so that others can benefit from the knowledge. We had a biodiesel program that our grounds manager at Nazareth College developed, where we turn kitchen oil into biodiesel for our tractors and lawn mowers.

Another example was a safety training program called "where is viola?" It was started by the custodial team at Hobart and William Smith Colleges, where the management team creates safety incidents in the buildings, and the team members will be invited to identify safety hazards at a particular location. This experience gives staff a first-hand experience dealing with everyday safety concerns in the building.

Christy Rager

Operations Manager
International Monetary Fund


How did your career in construction start and advance?
I grew a passion for the trades industry from my dad and my husband. My career started in an apprenticeship program that led to a position in the mechanical field. I progressed from a building maintenance mechanic to the manager of Operations and Maintenance at a small university campus.

Then I found this job at Sodexo, which is a part of a two million square foot occupied building renovation in the District of Columbia. I was initially nervous about joining such large-scale construction project, but it was a very welcoming environment.

What would you say about Sodexo as a place to work?
Sodexo is a great company with supportive management. There's a lot of expectation for this job, but you're rewarded for doing it right. Also, since it's a worldwide company, there are opportunities everywhere. When this construction project ends, I can choose to stay at this location with integrated facilities or move on to another project. The diversity here is truly wide, ranging from gender to languages, race, color, and nationality.

One of the moments that I knew this was THE company to work for was after the three-day "Get Live" training. I learned a lot about Sodexo's ethics and diversity culture, which was very impressive and made me feel like THIS was an absolutely great decision.

Victoria Phillips Marine

General Manager
International Monetary Fund


How did your career in Sodexo start?
My background is in electrical and mechanical engineering as well as custodial and grounds keeping. What attracted me to Sodexo the most was the diversity of people. I first learned about Sodexo at a conference and through their website, I found out that it’s a Fortune 500 company that has a reputation for hiring female executives.

I came to Sodexo in 2014 at this particular site to assist with the running of over 1.5 million square feet of premium real estate. I knew I made the right choice when I came on board and got such warm welcome from my colleagues. Being a previous immigrant, I am new to the US, and Sodexo has a very nurturing environment. This has definitely helped me with the transition to the new job, new industry, and a whole new culture!

Could you tell us more about the mentoring program you were involved in?
One of the tasks that I have started working on is succession planning. One part of the project was to encourage managers to mentor their staff to help prepare them for their next step in their career.

One of my frontline staff came to me and asked what he needed to do to get promoted. After learning his goal in the discussion, I recommended a line of studies that will get him certified as a stationary engineer.

John Watson

Director of Brand Development, Healthcare Facility Solutions
*2016 World FM Day Hero*


What would you say about your career in facilities management?
I grew into facility management after serving in a variety of technical project management roles. The ability to serve clients in a variety of roles in person presented even greater challenges than many of the highly technical roles in which I had been involved. I have been involved in Healthcare Facility Management in Canada and the US for ten years and find it extremely rewarding and technically challenging. In addition to many operating functions, I have had significant experience as a quality manager and Six Sigma Black Belt. My current role allows me to share that experience in both FM Development but also in creating quality systems that support our performance, growth and development.

How does your work support Sodexo's mission of delivering Quality of Life?
Healthcare impacts Quality of Life at its most extreme, time sensitive and intense point. Supporting those who manage and perform all the technical aspects of FM in that environment is both a privilege and a personal reward.

What does your work mean to you?
I have operated at every level of FM in many industries, many of the experiences are similar, but few are as complex. Finding ways to create tools and solutions that meet both client and team needs is professionally stimulating and never boring. Collaborating with our team of professionals in the field and among the FM Team staff is a daily learning experience - that makes the work more rewarding than any job I have previously held.

Angela R. Johnson, PE, PMP

Director of FM Operations, Quality
*2016 World FM Day Hero*


Why did you choose Facilities Management as a profession?
I am an industrial engineer who fell into the facilities management profession after starting my career in the manufacturing industry. By education, the industrial engineer generally analyzes existing systems, designs and processes in order to offer improvements and more efficient means for users and customers. With FM, that is exactly what I get to do each day; the best part is being able to routinely work with different problems and people since my position covers a large territory. With FM, I never get bored because there is always something that can be improved and problems to solve.

How does your work support Sodexo's mission of delivering Quality of Life?
In my role, I get the opportunity to support numerous accounts by helping to streamline operations, assist with problem solving, standardize processes, build programs that include innovative technological advances, and even educate others. Because of these factors, I indirectly help our team's onsite be more prepared to deliver Quality of Life services to support our mission.

What does your work mean to you?
FM provides a vast area that satisfies my industrial engineering background, my creative nature and the challenge that I seek in a career. FM is often an overlooked cost when looking at the bottom line, so being able to successfully be efficient with less is a huge puzzle, yet a great challenge for me.

Rich Munson

Director of Regulatory Compliance
National US Healthcare Facilities Accounts
*2016 World FM Day Hero*


Why did you choose Facilities Management as a profession?
Like a lot of facilities professionals, I receive great satisfaction from the accomplishment of solving a difficult technical issue. It's much more than technical challenges we encounter, we are asked to manage a workforce in an evolution of constant improvement. It is extremely satisfying to contribute to a group, or an individual, and then be able to observe the collective success of that team and/or individual.

How does your work support Sodexo's mission of delivering Quality of Life?
Supporting the healthcare profession has a direct impact on quality of life for those we interact with. Our profession is charged with creating a facility environment that is conducive for patients to heal, and their families to be supported. That is Quality of Life in its most basic form.

What does your work mean to you?
I am personally rewarded by serving our clients and their community. I, as all of us do, can relate to and understand the impact our profession has on people's lives. I have been in the position of needing support, as most of us have, or will need to at some point. That provides all the motivation I need to pursue my profession with passion. I have been in the Healthcare field for thirty years and am as much a healthcare professional, as a Facilities professional. What our teams contribute to patients, and their families, as they are facing a difficult period in their lives is very rewarding. If we do our jobs well we enable clinicians to perform better and those patients to be positive about the care they are receiving.

Jackie Henson

General Manager, Building Services
*2016 World FM Day Hero*


Jackie is a hard-working mother with a background in airplane maintenance. She is extremely knowledgeable in facilities management and is an outstanding customer service advocate.

In November 2015, Jackie joined Sodexo as the General Manager for Building Services at Moorings Park. Immediately, Jackie was tasked with improving operational efficiencies. With her position left vacant for several months, second level managers were faced with monitoring the operations. Jackie's energy, attention to detail and unwavering commitment was an immediate force within the operation. She was determined have her operations aligned with the clients motto of, "Simply the Best".

Jackie moved quickly with renovations of resident units. With millions of dollars paid annually for renovations by residents, Jackie moved ahead with a hands-on approach with compassion and fun. With Jackie's expertise and managements skills, 15 past-due projects are now completed, leaving her team more time to focus on this year's calendar to complete more than 50 new renovations.

When Jackie arrived, the building services operations were struggling to meet the financial budget so Jackie jumped in with the finance department to understand the flow of expenses. By defining operating expense, capital expenses and tracking variances she was able to capture two consecutive months of exceeding her operating budget. Her solid management and oversight of a $500K LED lighting project helped her operations meet the financial goals of the client in less than six months. While this may sound simple in two or three sentences, it was truly a remarkable accomplishment that looked impossible prior to her arrival.

Rodger Reeves

General Manager, Building Services
*2016 World FM Day Hero*


Roger has over 20 years of comprehensive operations experience in Senior Living, healthcare and shopping centers. He has served as the General Manager of Building Services at Waterman Village of Mount Dora in Florida since 2014, and was nominated for the Cornerstones of Care Operational Excellence award.

Rodger methodically addresses operational challenges. In less than one year, he renovated 40 resident units, achieving nearly 100% occupancy with increased resident satisfaction and maximized client revenue. Next, he renovated the estate home on the property and managed the Lodge renovation to enhance the resident dining experience. Rodger delivered significant value for his client through cost savings with Sodexo's preferred providers. His commitment to excellence also uncovered a compliance concern demonstrating proper functionally and avoided an $18,000 expense in corrections.

However, not all achievements involve process improvement or are measured in dollars and cents. . For Roger, it's about investing in people, putting them first and creating a safe community for residents, employees and guests to thrive. 2016 marks the second year in a row that Rogers department has experienced the highest increase in employee satisfaction. Roger attributes the success to that of his team.

Gina Bonilla

Senior Manager of Area Support
J&J Mentor/Pfizer
*2016 World FM Day Hero*


Why did you choose Facility Management as a profession?   
I was working in the legal department for the Rockefeller Group in New York City and I found myself fascinated by how Rock Center managed the facilities world, from the construction of the Center buildings, the HVAC systems, landlord/tenant leases, underground tunnels to the day to day spotlessness of the brass fixtures and marble floors.

What does your work mean to you?
My work means the most to me when I am providing the client and Sodexo team members with the “c’s”: contractual obligations, culture, clarity and consistency. As a team member, I enjoy assisting and supporting our Sodexo team members and I would like to believe that I am a resource for all of Sodexo Worldwide.

What would you say about Sodexo as a place to work?
I have worked with many organizations throughout my professional tenure and I have found Sodexo to be one of the most amazing organizations that focused on Diversity and Inclusion.  I am also very proud to be the Program Chair for Sol.

Arica Booker

Multi-Services Manager
*2016 World FM Day Hero*


Why did you choose Facility Management as a profession?  
I always knew I would land in a service industry position. I come from a family involved with the not-for-profit world that pushed me into caring for my community and surroundings. Coupled with my love of project management, it makes all the sense in the world that I found my way to Facilities Management.

How does your work support Sodexo’s mission of delivering Quality of Life?
Through managing the Sodexo Multi-Services team at Boeing, we live the Sodexo Mission by providing various offerings to address a range of client needs. Ergo Assessments are provided to ensure safe and comfortable working environments for the staff and clients. In addition to enhancing the client relationship, I like to provide a teaching, nurturing environment for my staff. It creates a less stressful environment that leads to an improved over-all quality of life for staff and the client.  

What does your work mean to you?
We are the first step in providing a quality experience to the client and the front line staff of our accounts. Being a part of the team allows me to provide the service needed to continuously increase the over-all Quality of life, not only for the Boeing building and all of its assets, but also for the occupants of the building. I take pride in knowing that daily, I provide the support needed to effectively keep the building running while taking into consideration our changing industry climate.

Paul Jackson, Jr.

District Manager, Campus Services
*2016 World FM Day Hero*


Why did you choose Facility Management as a profession?  
Facilities Management is more than a profession, it’s a way of life! FM affords me the opportunity to use my complete skillset on a daily basis, including my education and previous work and life experiences. More importantly, the FM profession challenges me every day, whether it is an early morning response to a client whose office is too hot or cold, an elevator entrapment late in the evening or when the power grid goes out and you’re left with an exposed building.  There are always challenges present that keep me on my toes!

How does your work support Sodexo’s mission of delivering Quality of Life?
I perform a lot of critical work that was given to me with a short turnaround time and directly involves the end user. For instance, I received a task to improve the client’s office space, mainly through renovation. This directly affects the end-users’ satisfaction and their overall quality of life.

What does your work mean to you?
My work matters to me because I am doing something that I love. Because of that, there are no external distractions for me and I am able to give myself wholly to the position, the company and the account. Doing something that you love matters. If you’re doing something just to be doing it, you’re cheating yourself and missing out on a part of life. Overall, I believe that the sooner you find something that you love, stick with it. The better off you are and the better off you will be.

John Moody

Senior Manager of Area Support
*2016 World FM Day Hero*


What led you to your current position at Sodexo?
I started my Sodexo career as a part-time dishwasher. After graduating from college, I began my management career. I worked in all divisions, Health Care, Campus, Corporate Services Food and then FM. Many roles including hourly positions, assistant manager, general manager, district manager, VP Operations and VP HR up to my current role.

Why did you choose Facility Management as a profession?  
When I began my career on the “Food” side of the Sodexo business, I was exposed to the Facility Management world many years ago.  Moving into FM was a great opportunity to learn and develop a new skill.  I sincerely enjoy working with our people and our clients on a daily basis.

How does your work support Sodexo’s mission of delivering Quality of Life?
Our job touches our clients’ associates’ work lives in many ways every day. From the minute they come on to the site and until they leave for the day we can make a positive difference in everyone’s work life. When we partner with a client and we are doing our job, we can impact client profitability, productivity, attitude, associate longevity, and the overall wellbeing of the group.

What does your work mean to you?
Work is a way of life. In my career I have had many roles in all divisions including my first job as a dishwasher in a Health Care account to operations VP in Corporate Services. These opportunities have rounded my career and provided knowledge to understand and guide operations staff at all levels.  

Ryan Moosman

District Manager
Zurich/Farmers Global
*2016 World FM Day Hero*


Why did you choose Facility Management as a profession?  
 As a child and as an adult, I would take things apart to better understand how they work, what makes them tick.  I wanted to figure out if I could make this thing work better, faster, and/or more efficient.  FM operators are tinkerers of buildings. We are the multi-disciplined, broad spectrum professionals who take something less than perfect and develop strategies, systems, processes to make them work better, faster and more efficient.  I love that I work in a field that will always need these skill sets.

How does your work support Sodexo’s mission of delivering Quality of Life?
Everything in Facilities has an opportunity to support the Quality of Life dimensions. The integrated facilities model is the perfect amalgamation of activities designed to create lasting work/life, productive, healthy conditions for our customers.  

What does your work mean to you?
Satisfaction - knowing every day I can and do positively affect the lives of others.  There is never a dull day in a Facility Operator’s life. The challenges and opportunities for learning are perpetual.  

What would you say about Sodexo as a place to work?
When I came to Sodexo as Construction Engineer a decade ago, I never knew I would be exposed to so many opportunities for personal and professional growth.  Coming from the construction industry, I assumed Sodexo would be like any other corporation, weighing employee value purely based on output and immediate benefit to the corporation bottom line.  My career with Sodexo has been a partnership: hand in hand we’ve sot after opportunities to develop my skills sets, and create new ones along the way.  Sodexo afforded me opportunities to expand my FM knowledge, to expand my leadership capabilities.

Bernadette Szakal

General Manager of Multi Services
Campbell Soup World Headquarters, Camden, NJ
*2016 World FM Day Hero*


Why did you choose Facility Management as a profession?  
Every day is a new day. I am motivated by being able to affect and support for a culture of safety, lead others to sustainable practices and decisions, and save money for the client.

How does your work support Sodexo’s mission of delivering Quality of Life?
I support the Sodexo Mission through managing the Facilities team to deliver high quality work for any Facilities related customer need.  Things like asset reliability for uninterrupted production, their comfort and safety while at work, and their need to present their very best to their own customers, are daily deliverables from my team.  We strive to remove any distractions or barriers so their creativity and planned activities can easily flow.  

What does your work mean to you and others?
Every day my team can make someone's day easier or more enjoyable is what motivates me most.

How have you grown to succeed at Sodexo?
I had zero experience in 2010 in this field since my background was in customer service. My Facilities training has been acquired on the job. The support of my peers, client and my leadership team has allowed me to grow my knowledge base. 

Now, I am leading more than 40 services for my client and continue to learn daily.   I was able to do so through Sodexo leadership support, wonderful mentors from Sodexo and my clients at Campbells, and the best employees a manager could have.   It's been a wonderful journey and I can't wait to see what each day brings. 

Karen E. Lovelund

District Manager, Campus Services


Women are occasionally overlooked for Facilities Management positions because they don't have a "Hard FM" (Facilities Management) background. Today, more colleges and professional organizations have Facilities Management programs, and women should look at these certifications and opportunities to gain that "Hard FM" background. Get involved in summer internships that are field-related. Field experience and training will give you credibility in the FM Industry.

Tina Reitsma

District Manager, School Services


The future for women in Facilities Management and Engineering is booming. There are definitely leadership opportunities in healthcare, schools and campus environments. More and more, our clients are looking for the facilities expert who can also be a strong leader. Women can excel with knowledge in areas like safety, regulatory compliance, capital planning and engineering design.

Joseph Brutto

Facilities Solution Developer
Columbia, SC


What led you to your current position at Sodexo?

After 25+ years on the operations side of facilities management, I was very interested in expanding my knowledge and experience on the business development side of facilities management. My current role as a Solution Development Manager supporting Sodexo Health Care’s Facilities Management Business Development allows me to develop and create solutions that will add value for our clients so they can focus on their core business while we support their facilities management needs.

What do facilities management careers look like at Sodexo?

As a company, Sodexo is the only facilities management provider to offer comprehensive asset management capabilities globally and to clients in diverse segments ranging from corporate and healthcare to manufacturing, mining and oil and gas, which means we can offer a career full of variety, challenge and tremendous growth opportunities.

At Sodexo, we partner with clients to help them attain their strategic vision by developing facility management service solutions that increase the effectiveness of their people, enhance their business processes and optimize their infrastructure, which delivers tangible outcomes. Our clients depend on our facilities managers’ expertise to help them to optimize their business.

As such, the contribution of facilities management services to Sodexo’s revenues continues to rise, reaching 28% in 2014. This reflects the increasing demand of Sodexo’s clients for integrated services, as well as the industry-leading technical expertise of its teams, an expertise which is backed by the implementation of Sodexo’s Asset Management Framework. The framework enables the capture and standardization of best practices across all sites.

Therefore, Sodexo facilities engineers are proficient in project management software and financial accounting systems and have technical design knowledge of mechanical, electrical and plumbing systems. Our facilities managers train and lead teams of employees and manage their unit and client relationships. And, we offer varied career options to match individual interests, such as managing overall Plant Operations and Maintenance or specializations in Energy or Clinical Technology Management.

What education should candidates consider to begin their career? 

There is a small, but growing number of colleges and universities that offer degrees in facilities management. Obtaining a college degree is just the beginning. Additionally, there are many certifications in facilities management that are available and are very beneficial to aspiring or growing professionals in this area.

It’s also important to understand that this business has evolved to a point where just knowing facilities management (boilers, chillers, HVAC, plumbing, etc.) doesn’t cut it anymore. Facilities management professionals today must possess/pursue equally important skill sets in financial/business acumen, as well as strong communication/relationship skills.

What does the future hold for facilities management careers?

This career field continues to evolve as more and more responsibilities are being placed upon facility management professionals. Sustainability is even moving in a new direction now; where in years past it was more geared towards new construction, today serious discussions are taking place on how to take existing structures and make them more sustainable through innovative ideas. As these and other best practices evolve, careers will continue to expand and grow as well.

What advice would you give candidates who are looking to grow their career with Sodexo? 

Network, network, network! You need to begin building relationships with Sodexo’s facilities teams and recruiters. And, as you search for jobs, set strong goals and objectives for yourself, know where you want to land, and be strategic in choosing positions that match your qualifications and will naturally lead to career growth. Once on board, Sodexo has a number of tools to proactively manage your career, as well as numerous professional development opportunities to support your career objectives.

Venus McCoy

General Manager
Shell Oil, Houston, TX


What do you get out of your current role that you couldn't get from any other work?

I get satisfaction from a job well done. Having two great mentors helped me gain knowledge from different resources and afforded me the ability to think differently and bring my whole self to work. Many dimensions of diversity are alive and well in this organization such as gender and minority, to name a few. This personally allows me to contribute to my full potential. Sodexo provides many development and training resources that facilities, engineering and energy management professionals can tap into, including professional certifications and Lean Six Sigma concepts.

How have you grown to succeed at Sodexo?

Being a General Manager at Shell Oil has challenged a different side of me. I have a very supportive leadership team that encourages me and thus brings out my creative side and strengthens my areas of development. This has allowed me to build a very strong collaborative relationship with the client and can ultimately represent Sodexo proudly.

How do you go “above & beyond” for a client?

One of my responsibilities is conducting tours of our site for “VIPs” from overseas. One area that we did not manage was the labs, which was not up to par by Sodexo standards. I knew the tours would lead to the labs and approached the client, stating that my team could get them deep-cleaned and could refinish the floors to enhance their beauty. My client agreed and the tour was a success. In turn, I received lots of compliments, as they expected something simple, but in reality, they were wowed because we took the time to go above and beyond a simple cleaning.

What advice would you give to someone who’s considering a career in FM?

In my current role, there is so much room for creativity and I truly enjoy it, considering my background in hospitality and degree in arts. This kind of work gives me enthusiasm and continually re-inspires me. Every career field has its challenges, but so does everything in life! If you take the chance and go for it, you’ll quickly see that being a General Manager for Sodexo a very satisfying career.

Loraine Ungano

Senior Manager, Contracts Administration, Sodexo Corporate Services


Loraine has worked as a facilities professional in the R&D environment for the last 25+ years in a number of different capacities. Before joining Sodexo, she was employed as a Space Management Consultant.

In this capacity, Loraine provided guidance and support to one of Sodexo’s R&D clients to analyze and program the site adjacencies to meet their re-organization initiatives, including preparation of conceptual designs for renovating existing space as well as for the construction of a large R&D building. She is currently working on a global pharmaceutical account, responsible for all aspects of third-party subcontracts from RFP to service implementation of both SDX and managed contracts.

Loraine is an active member of IFMA (since 1990), including the IFMA R&D Council, the IFMA Corporate Services Council and the NJ IFMA Chapter. She actively holds the Certified Facilities Manager (CFM) and Sustainable Facilities Professional (SFP) and OSHA 10 Hour Certifications.

Achievements at Sodexo: 2009, 2010, 2011 Sodexo Team Spirit Nominee; 2013 Client Segment Gold Winner – Team Spirit and 2013 Spirit of Sodexo Platinum Award.

Predictions for the FM Industry:
“I predict that as corporations continue to merge, optimize their workforce and facilities and look to be more efficient all around, the Facilities Professional needs to adjust and find creative ways to be transparent in providing high-quality services with less — such that the customer doesn’t notice things are shrinking around them. It’s all about client/customer-facing/engagement, service delivery and good corporate citizenship.”

Kimberly Egloff-Boehm

Intrinsic Coach® Director, Quality of Life Services, Sodexo Corporate Services


For the last four years, Kimberly Egloff-Boehm has been the Director of Quality of Life Services for Sodexo with a large pharmaceutical account. Her original responsibilities included U.S. oversight of employee wellness programs, 10 on-site fitness centers and program integration of food and fitness delivery.

In 2012, Sodexo was asked to develop innovative service approaches for this account’s double-platinum Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design (LEED) building in Philadelphia’s up-and-coming business campus, The Navy Yard. It was at this time the concept of a Workplace Concierge service emerged. Kimberly has developed this program, which includes a team of nine and supports customers in all aspects of workplace services, such as meeting room and event management, AV support and catering. On average, the team participates in more than 1,300 customer service interactions per month. In addition to the entire Navy Yard Transition Team, Kimberly was a recipient of the 2013 Spirit of Sodexo Platinum Team Spirit Award.

Since being given this stretch opportunity, Kimberly continues to provide support to the Fitness Program, oversees the Meeting Service line for U.S. sites and was recently appointed to the U.S. Transformation Team.

Predictions for the FM Industry:
“Although relatively new to the FM industry, I have already seen so many changes in client expectations. FM used to be solely about providing specific services in a designated space, and now it is growing into providing an experience in that space.”

Juan Soler

Energy Manager
The University of Tampa (UT), Tampa, FL


What led you to your current position at Sodexo?

I was recruited to Sodexo by a current employee who utilized Sodexo’s Employee Referral Program, Star Finder. We met through our mutual participation and involvement in an international professional association, and when the energy manager opportunity became available at the University of Tampa (UT) campus, she invited me to apply.

I received my Bachelor of Science from UT, so the prospect of working with Sodexo at UT offered me the opportunity to return to my alma mater campus and provide leadership and value in their sustainability practices. I am very glad to have been selected.

What is your typical day like?

The University of Tampa has partnered with Sodexo to initiate a utility reduction plan. I am responsible for developing effective energy management practices, promoting sustainability, reducing utility waste on campus, and evaluating school facilities for efficiency in over fifty university buildings, including ten residence halls.

I also prepare and present recommendations related to support activities, capital projects, and purchased products and services aimed at increasing program efficiency to senior Sodexo and UT staff for consideration. My daily activities are evolving as I become more familiar with the utility service providers and the operational needs of the campus.

What is the best part about working for Sodexo?

Since joining Sodexo in late 2013, I have been impressed with how the company treats its employees. Sodexo provides individual onboarding and training for personal and professional development. As it pertains to the company’s corporate culture, I appreciate that Sodexo supports the personal growth of its employees by promoting from within. For such a large organization, Sodexo seems to recognize each individual employee.

It is a pleasure to work for a company that embraces its clients with honor and appreciation. I see this awareness in action with Sodexo’s daily behavior toward the needs of UT. Sodexo has a team of dedicated professionals, both in-house and at the corporate level, who provide a responsive approach to address any requirements demanded by the university. The Sodexo staff understands the prestige of this university with its students, employees, and the Tampa Bay community.

What motivates you?

My parents instilled in me the concepts of respect; not only for myself, but also for others. With that respect comes the initiative to seek out a better understanding of people and their intrinsic value beyond performing a work-task. Building a community, or network, within the organization motivates me; driven by opportunities that enable me to serve others while utilizing my education and skills.

Kwame Watkins

Senior Product Manager, Sodexo Solutions Center


I started my career with Sodexo Canada in a summer internship role while completing my bachelor's degree in engineering. My first assignment in maintenance and operations was exceptionally fulfilling and set in motion my successful career with the company. The Sodexo support and resources propelled my career forward, and in quick succession I moved into a construction project manager position with Sodexo USA in the Education division.

In my current role, I will support product and offer development — the process of developing services offered to our clients from concept to implementation. I am excited about the opportunity as it offers me the opportunity to develop and create solutions that will add value and improve the quality of daily life for both our clients and employees.

Bob Pfeifer

District Manager East - Laundry Division, Lansing, MI


What led you to your current position at Sodexo?

A career progression led me where I am today. With each job and move (13 over 10 years), I took on additional responsibility at larger facilities. After achieving the most successful new opening ever for the laundry division, I was chosen for my current role.

What is your typical day like?

I am responsible for the complete operations at 7 different laundry facilities from Lansing, MI to Miami, FL. My responsibilities include profit & loss functions, as well as growing relationships with our clients. I also participate in new business surveys and cost modeling for the laundry sales team. An average day starts early with a trip to the airport. Depending on the week, I may travel to three or four states. It is important and necessary to juggle multiple concerns and to quickly be able to switch gears as they relate to one facility and client or another.

What are some of the challenges you enjoy most?

For me the laundry process has always been simple: find the best way to get from point A to point B and make sure everyone knows how to do it. That is not always easy when you could be relying on 100-plus people to be successful. Getting the team to buy in and share my vision is a major challenge.

What's the best advice you could give to someone looking to get into your field?

Learn the business by doing it. Start at the bottom and see what it is like to soil sort, run the washroom and feed sheets. In order to know what your facility is capable of, you need to understand how the processes/equipment work.

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Richard McLaughlin

Regional VP for Operations, Sodexo - Healthcare Systems Division, Charleston, SC


What led you to your current position at Sodexo?

Prior to my current role, I spent a year helping launch our Right Start Resource Mobilization team, which supports the new unit opening process. The opening of a new site is a critical phase in determining the future success of our client partnerships. By serving on this team, I helped create a positive first impression during the start-up process. My career prior to that included positions as a Retail Manager, General Manager and District Manager in Healthcare.

What professional development steps did you take to improve your chances of being promoted?

I volunteered for everything! There is always a new unit opening or a challenge to be tackled somewhere at Sodexo. It's important to let your manager know your ideas to help solve these problems and, in turn, help the company grow. When you volunteer to be a part of new projects, you'll meet a lot of people, including leaders in the organization. The leaders I've met provided me with valuable mentoring throughout my career. I am still learning from them every day!

What advice would you give candidates who are looking to grow their career with Sodexo?

My advice is twofold. First, challenge yourself with a new project or brush up a skill and become the “go to” person. Second, don't be afraid to take a lateral move to learn something new. You'll be more knowledgeable in your field and bring more perspective to your new position.




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