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Sodexo’s Clinical Technology Management team delivers clinical engineering services to many of the nation’s best hospitals and healthcare organizations. Through a unique, in-house delivery model, Sodexo aligns itself with clients’ goals and becomes a seamless, supportive part of their organizations.

You may build Clinical Technology Management careers in:

  • Biomedical Engineering Maintenance
  • Diagnostic Imaging Maintenance

Clinical Technology Managers and other senior technicians inspect, repair, maintain and calibrate all types of equipment, devices, systems and instruments. They interact on a routine basis with other clinical health providers in the identification of technology-based problems and solution development.

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"Candidates with degrees in mechanical, electrical, biomedical or industrial engineering can work as facilities and technical managers in areas like clinical technology and energy solutions. Most of these roles require operations management or project management experience in the facilities or building construction industry, with the exception of positions in clinical technology management, where proficiency with medical equipment is the focus." - Arie Ball, Sodexo VP of Sourcing and Talent Acquisition

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